What are the Benefits?


"22 Years ago I was involved in a biking accident that left me with major physical trauma. I have been to countless doctors, massage therapists and structural integrators. It was not until I met Linda that I feel like I have finally met someone with the correct knowledge and training to truly help me. My neck pain and posture has never been better. I can’t imagine ever seeking another form of massage or structural integrator. Linda is not only highly skilled, but a great listener and great to work with. I would recommend Linda to anyone seeking better health and a better body."
Rick Brown, CEO,

"Before structural integration, I felt trapped inside a body I was unable to control. I came away from my sessions with a whole new way of relating to my body and my life. I have become a different person, one who is confident and optimistic."
Alana Shelare, Massachusetts USA

"Structural integration has been a major journey for me. As my practitioner released the physical holding patterns that were keeping me stuck, a whole new realm of experience opened up for me. I feel more alive vital and connected! "
Daniel Cloud, Mullumbimby, Australia.

"I started a program of structural integration to overcome my chronic back pain after many years of frustration and discomfort. A combination of structural integration, and Tai Chi have finally resulted in improvements to my back and a reduction in pain that GP's, Specialists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have not been able to achieve. The difference is like getting from 25 years of quick fix and relapse to a solution that starts at the root of the problem."
Wolfgang Hiepe - Veterinarian& Organic Farmer, Otamatea, New Zealand



About Applied Structural Integration Treatments

The process is a multilevel educational experience that works holistically.

It offers one of the best adjunctive approaches to chronic muscular pain syndromes, and postural dysfunction, emphasizing prevention and education.

Typically, after a thorough assessment clients go through a dynamic series of ten 90 minute sessions although practitioners can design sessions to suit individual requirements.

What are the Benefits?

How does it Work ?

The connective tissues of the body are released and lengthened through deep tissue myofascial release, restoring mobility between muscle layers, enhancing efficient movement between joints.
Movement re-education is explored to establish better functional patterns of body usage which in turn prevents the return of tension to the body.
Practitioners dialogue with clients in a collaborative approach around how mental/emotional stressors may be related to how physical tensions organise in the body.

What are the Benefits?

Who is kind of Treatment for?

Applied Structural Integration is for anyone interested in improving their quality of life, health and wellbeing. When balance and alignment is re-established we don't have to strain or effort in ordinary daily activity, gaining more essential vital energy instead of fighting off bad posture and gravity.

Learning to live vitally, move fluidly, and feel deeply, transforms how we live and age. Applied Structural Integration brings more awareness to the reality of daily living so we can experience life more fully in very moment.

What are the Benefits?

Prevention is The Best Form of Treatment

Although Applied Structural Integration may be effective for pain or relief of tension, we recognise that pain and tension are usually the result of an overall pattern of imbalance occurring in the body.

Rather than treating the pain or tension "symptom" of this imbalance, we focus on rebalancing the entire body, so that it can exist in an optimal state of balance and grace.

It is not a remedy for illness; rather, it is a process in which people are moved from their current "average" state to their optimal state of health and well being. This optimal state of health is the body's normal and natural condition.

Investment: $150 per Structural Integration Session (90 minutes).

What are the Benefits?

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