Applied Structural Integration Practitioners Training

A Professional Career Training with the Faculty of The Australian School of Applied Structural Integration - An affiliated School with the International Association of Structural Integrators.

Applied Structural Integration is a powerful system of somatic education and structural bodywork which is based on the inseparability of body mind and spirit. Applied Structural Integration makes the connection between movement and body alignment and it restores the body from the inside out.

Our experienced teachers are catalysts who allow students to get in touch with their innate knowledge in a safe working environment. They create a meaningful framework for the addition of new information. Learning is an intensely personal process and an integral part of our growth. The continued exploration of the body in greater and greater depth illuminates and brings into focus the awareness of one's self.

Our teachers make learning the most natural easy and fun thing that you do. In nature the young of all mammal species learn all they need to know about life simply by playing. We are born with a passion for learning - the Applied Structural Integration Training taps in to this aspect of human nature by including the whole body not just the head, and when it involves the whole person and not just the intellect, we develop our own unique body of knowledge.

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The Advantages our Professional Training Offers To You:

  • Career and Opportunities
  • Skills and Science
  • Personal Growth and Learning
  • Service and Community
  • Financial Rewards


Phase I - Dynamics of Applied Structural Integration
This first phase is a two week residential training where students will be immersed in the experience of Applied Structural Integration. Students begin their training in movement, anatomy, seeing structure in relation to balance and alignment, energy work, psychology, business and an introduction to the art of Applied Structural Bodywork.

Phase II - Supervised Independent Study
The second phase is a supervised 6 month independent study programme.
Students will be assigned an academic adviser who will assist them over this phase to further knowledge of the body and its structure and potential.
Students participate in distance study which includes anatomy, physiology, structure and function of the body, psychology, movement and business

Phase III - The Art of Applied Structural Integration
The third phase is a five week residential course that concentrates on knowledge of the bodywork and all related movement, video and psychological work of the Structural Integration series. During this phase students integrate the components of Applied Structural Integration into a valuable professional skill base to begin work in private practice.

Phase IV - Building Your Practise
This phase is a six month "clinical practice" intern phase. Students will be required to complete 20 Structural Integration sessions per month (120 sessions over 6 months) and report back to their Academic adviser each month on progress with bodywork, movement, rapport with clients and business development.

Phase V - Competency Assurance & Graduation
This final phase is a two week residential where students come back to study and work together to gain final assessment of their competency to graduate.
Graduation takes place at the end of this phase.

Location of Training

The Australian School of Applied Structural Integration locates their trainings on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Our training facilities are currently non residential, however we are able to help students locate suitable accommodations near the training facility.

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Having a break at Madam Tojo's Coffe Palace and the beach at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast just 10 minutes drive away.

A Day off at Beautiful Byron Bay

Faculty & Students with our practise model, Pia.