Benefits of Applied Structural Integration

Although Applied Structural Integration is not designed to treat medical or health problems, we have found by releasing tension and aligning the body our clients often experience changes such as:


Improvement of Posture & Bodyshape

Movement lessons are part of the program. Through these lessons we learn about our optimal postural alignment and how to position ourselves in an easy and relaxed manner, through the middle of our joints, both in the static and dynamic state.
When this happens our soft tissue arranges in a balanced and more flattering way which often looks as though there has been weight loss.


Increase Flexibility and ease of movement

When the soft tissues of the body are released and lengthen, it opens up more space and freedom in the joints. This has the effect of creating more flexibility and ease in the body. Often people who have never been able to touch their toes or sit cross legged are able to after recieving Applied Structural Integration sessions.


Look and feel younger

When we are able to move with ease and flexibility in our body, it takes less energy out of our system enabling us to feel like we have more "gas in our tank" at the end of the day. To use the analogy of the motor car, clients often feel like they have has their "handbrake released". This frees up energy for other activities, instead of barely making it through the day.


Increased vitality and fitness

When we have more energy in our system our sense of aliveness and vitality returns. Our clients often feel they are able to indulge in physical activities they would never have considered before.


Expanded sense of well-being

Most of the belief systems that run in our lives are usually laid down in the first 6 years of life - when these belief systems are the result of toxic input and stressful family situations we often have a hard time being present in our body.
Self image, self esteem and our ability to be in charge of our emotional world can become difficult. When we become aware of how and where we store our emotional past in our body we have the opportunity to update and integrate our experiences and to feel good about who we are.


Less rigidity means less wear and tear on the joints

When flexibility, and balance returns to our body, our joints regain their range of motion and balance, relieving compression and inviting more fluid in to the joint space.


Improve athletic performance

When our body is balanced and flexible our muscular system is able to work optimally, thereby enhancing our strength, coordination and stamina. Often this means less fatigue in training and the ability to feel more competent both physically and mentally when competing. For the professional athelete this edge may mean the difference between winning and loosing and an increase in earnings.


Enhance awareness of your body

Through the integrative nature of our program you start to feel more in touch with your body and what it is capable of. When we have more access to our physical, mental and emotional world we move toward a more optimal level of health and wellbeing that connects us to life in a new way.

Feeling good in your body is your birthright - when we come home to this place we can be in a better relationship with ourselves, with others and the world around us.

The process of Applied Structural Integration is designed to align the body optimally within the gravitational field - something that we negotiate our whole lives for better or worse. It shapes and forms us and we cannot do without it. When we are in alignment with gravity our body stays upright with ease and fluidity, the usual compensatory holding patterns are minimized reducing tension and pain in the body.

As our flexibility returns we start to feel younger - we are able to move more freely making exercise much more enjoyable. Getting a good nights sleep becomes the norm which in turn makes us feel more energized and alive.

Applied Structural Inhtegration helps you to become more aware of how your physical body and mental emotional world interface which in turn has the potential to create internal harmony and a greater sense of well-being and peace within.


"The body stores the trauma of our lives in muscular rigidity, thereby keeping us stuck in the past. When we release the tension in the body and align ourselves with gravity, we take a new stand in life. This allows us to be at ease with ourselves and in harmony in our relationship to others and to our planet."
Joseph Heller - founder of Hellerwork