Linda McClure
ASI Trainer,
Structural Integration Practitioner, Grad Dip Couns, MA.Counselling.
Clinics in Brisbane and Ashmore. For Structural Integration, Gene Profiling & Health Optimisation Programs, or Psychotherapy Appointments, with a personalised and empathic approach.

Linda graduated as a Hellerwork structural integration practitioner in 1989 and was on the faculty at Hellerwork International for 12 years. She is the founder and director of the Australian School of Applied Structural Integration and has taught for many years as a senior teacher and trainer. More recently she has also become involved in the field of nutrigenomics and DNA profiling for Health & Wellbeing.

She is an Aston Movement Therapist and is a graduate of the Hakomi Integrative Psychology and Integrative Somatics trainings. She continues to have a deep interest in how our psychology and physiology inform our relationships with self, others and the world around us. Linda is a catalyst for people wanting to move from average to optimal through personalised programs of healthcare, fitness and psychophysical processing.

Please Phone: 0439799421


michael stanborough
Sean Petersen
Structural Integration Practitioner, CHP, ASI Trainer

Graduated from the Canadian Northwest School of Massage in 1984.

Sean trained in Structural Rebalancing in Denmark in 1986 and was in private practise in Copenhagen until he immigrated to New Zealand. He trained in Structural Integration in 1993 and opened a private practise in Auckland NZ. Sean has a keen interest in the Mens movement and has been involved with the Mankind Project since 1990 assisting on weekend courses and the New Warrior trainings in Australia. Since 2000 Sean is in private practise in Northern NSW just over the Sth E Queensland border, Australia.

For Structural Integration Appointments with Sean please phone: 041536-8953


About Us

Our Commitment to Quality

Hello. I'm Linda McClure,

At the Australian School of Applied Structural Integration and Somatic Studies we are committed to providing quality workshops and trainings to health educators.

Our school runs a variety of continuing education workshops and career training opportunities in Structural Integration for massage and manual therapists, allied health or fitness practitioners and those interested in therapeutic touch. Our 1200 hour Post-Graduate Practitioner Training program is known for its comprehensive cirriculum that far surpasses the standards set by the International Association of Structural Integrators, producing exceptional Structural Integration specialists who are recognised as top performers in their field.

Our Vision

We provide innovative education for passionate body-mind healers who thrive in their work, transforming the lives of everyone they touch. They radiate positive energy at the highest vibration of their being in service to all.

We work to realign the body within the gravitational field as taught by Dr Ida Rolf and further developed and expanded by her students, Judith Aston and Joseph Heller. We understand that our psychology and biology are instrinsically linked and believe an integrated understanding of this phenomena facilitates health and wellbeing.

Students are prepared for a longlasting and fulfilling career that produces significant transformation for their clients' structure, movement and interpersonal relating.

This course is certified by the International Association of Structural Integrators.

About the Structural Integration Community

The International Association of Structural Integrators was established in 2002 as the professional membership organization for Structural Integration.

IASI has grown to become the most well-respected organization for Structural Integrators, attracting a world-wide membership.

Graduates of our Training Program are eligible for membership to IASI and enjoy the benefits of that membership such as attending the annual IASI Symposium

Our Senior Faculty Members

Linda McClure
Senior Trainer / Founder

Sean Petersen
Senior Trainer

Mike McFarland
Senior Trainer

Robyn Wynne-Lewis
Psychology and Business Development

Katrin SieversRobyn Wynne-Lewis
Senior Trainer & Osteostructural Specialist